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How to Style Frau Blau’s bold prints

Why you will love your Frau Blau garment First lets take a close look, these printed garments create an optical illusion. Who will you be? Atomic mermaid, French salon girl, draped in head to toe pearls, or don a heavy knitted sweater that is secretly feather lite? Secondly, let’s talk about quality. These are built to last and the material is forgiving and flattering and retains it’s shape. Each garment has a digital print on the finest micro ITY (Interlock Twist Yarns) jersey. The special type of jersey has a web knit that stretches both ways and does not wear the pattern off with regular wear. It has a totally different texture and drape than standard jersey. Furthermore it will keep you warm when it’s cool out and cool when it’s warm outside. In other words it’s awesome, wears well, and you will love it against your skin! All garments come in sizes: extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. How we wear them: The lime ‘crochet’ pencil skirt The Black ‘crochet’ Dress The Blue Mermaid Pencil Skirt The Lime ‘Crochet’ T-shirt Our personal favorites Printed jersey dress, padded shoulders in ‘Crochet Lime’- 625 NIS instead of 1,250 NIS Atomic mermaid dress 625 NIS instead of 1,250 NIS Strings of pearls dress 599 NIS instead of 1,200 NIS Large Yarn ‘Cardigan’ Dress 886 NIS instead of 1,772 NIS Printed jersey leggings in crochet lime 234 NIS instead of 468 NIS Printed jersey dress, padded shoulders in ‘Crochet Lime’- 625 NIS instead of 1,250 NIS When and Where Hashmal Street 8, Tel Aviv | Tel: 035603259 Friday, October 18th:...

Last Breath of Summer – Pastels by TLV Birdie

We invited one of our favorite Israeli bloggers, Olya of TLV Birdie, to write for us a “wrap up” of the SUMMER SEASON. At the beginning of the summer she set a challenge for herself: to wear her favorite summer trend – PASTELS – for all of July and August. Here she tells us about how the challenge went and how anyone can wear it any time they want. We still have a few weeks left to enjoy the SUMMER PASTELS so jump to it! You know what I did last summer. It is not a secret for my TLV Birdie blog readers that I am truly inspired by soft pastel colors in every detail of my life, and I took a challenge to be faithful to myself and wear as much pastel outfits as I could this summer. Hot summer days are all about colorful ice-cream cones, turquoise sea reflections and sun-kissed skin. So why not to blend beautifully into surrounding beauty and add some personal style touches, without cheating on the sun with black and grey (better hide them deep in my closet for the season they belong in). The trick to wearing pastel colors is looking relaxed and chic, but not resemble a marshmallow. The challenge was fun and at times tough, I might have even skipped a day or 2, but I was able to share inspiring “How To Pastel Styling” series for any occasion. I have put together the most delicious outfit memories from this summer, I bet you’ll want to spend the last hot days (last hot month if you’re lucky to be...

Vegan Crash Course with “White City Boy” and Chat About Life, Fashion and Food!

It’s summertime and the living is easy- so should be your meal preparation! Vegan food is not just a trend or something only for those on ‘extreme’ diets- it’s good for you (and the environment and animals), delicious, perfect for dinner parties, and appealing to all appetites whether they are vegan or not- and yes, it CAN be satisfying. From left: Sonya wearing The Hellers dress, Michell wearing The Hellers top and Roni Kantor skirt, Daina wearing Roni Kantor dress Dreed*Tea recruited local blogger friend, Kristóf of White City Boy blog, to teach us how to make a vegan feast that we could share with our readers! We met at the adorable Mitbachi Cooking School on trendy Shenkin Street, who were kind enough to lend us their space for a “Vegan Cooking Crash Course”. Kristof presented us with 4 dishes: Sweet Potato Sashimi, Fig Salad, Curry Daal, and the ever popular Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes! (Recipes at the bottom of the post) Kristof wearing Roni Bar Kristóf got down to the preparations right away, while the 3 of us learned the delectable and simple recipes, and impatiently awaited the finished results, while sipping on some wine – of course! But once the everything was ready, the real party began with more drinking, devouring every tasty morsel of those vegan dishes, and a blogger chat on lifestyle, fashion, and veganism. It was a charming afternoon with great company, and we left inspired to re-create every single dish all summer long! You can Check out White City Boy to see Kristóf’s take on chatting with us. Q&A with White City Boy D*T:...

Local Fashion

Biantika presents: Vintage Summer Camp 2014

We all miss the summer camp we never had in the eighties. With or without a uniform, when a loquat was real loquat and Simon was Le Bon – not Cowell. Biantika’s Summer collection takes us back to those days. Not just vintage, not another homage to the eighties but a tribute to the vintage summer camp. Chiffon dresses inspired by summer nightgowns. Sport Shorts. Buttoned jeans skirts. Uniform dresses. All clothes are made in small quantities with extra care, tailor made. Biantika wanted to capture her collection in the most authentic way, but unfortunately their Delorean just broke down. So they went to the time capsule also known as Jerusalem’s Nature Museum, a well kept secret which looks like something that could only exist in Wes Andreson’s imagination. Where to shop: Online at Etsy If you are in Tel Aviv, visit Biantika’s co-studio space- ‘Raduga’ at 3 Apak street in the Noga neighborhood of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. Go to her Facebook page for location and hours and contact info. Credits All photos were taken by: Roni Cnaani Model: Litay Marcus Hair & makeup: Hadar Kadman Style: Ori...

Andy Ve Eirn’s Soft Summer Staples

Andy Ve Eirn by Yael Scharaby, is best known for her luxurious knitwear- but she has also got you covered for summer. We love the fact she uses locally sourced yarns to create the highest quality fabrics which are used in creating stylish and sophisticated everyday clothing that flatter all shapes and sizes. For starters, she makes the most perfect skater skirt- not too short, not too long- but just right for all those picky Goldilocks types out there. It’s made from a viscose/cotton blend- looks like silk, feels like cotton- your BFF for summer clothing and comes in black and taupe. In addition there are some chic shell tops with interesting pocket details in the back in minimal colors and different fabrics from sheer cotton to soft knits- so you can rely on these to be staples for years to come. The summer collection also has a nice camisole that is attractive and modest enough to wear as a top or under sheer tops and secure enough to replace your bra (or sleep in!)- how’s that for multi-tasking? Check out the full catalog below, and find out where to shop at the bottom of this post. Credit: Michael Topyol- photography Where to shop Andy Ve Eirn The best is to visit her studio boutique at 8 Sgula st. Tel Aviv-Jaffa (in the Noga neighborhood), but if you want to order online (with International shipping) she has an Etsy shop, as well as a lower priced sister brand called Andy Ve Eirn BASIC. “Like” Andy Ve Eirn on...

Bold Swimwear by Ugly Duckling

Every summer we anxiously await the gorgeous swimwear that will be released by Ugly Duckling. Known for their retro inspiration and being kind to real women, these suits hug us in all the right places and hold up well. And this year Ugly Duckling is also including the men for a well balanced unisex collection this year from current bold graphic prints to understated retro, and statement makers! “Like” Ugly Duckling on Facebook Where to buy Ugly Duckling In Israel: Online at Marmelada market International: Official online...

Fresh Talent

Shenkar Graduates 2014 Fashion Show

Contributor report by Emma Cohen The fashion design department of Shenkar College showcased the work of its latest graduate class in an amazing catwalk show in Tel Aviv, when 40 students gave us a look at their work before they head off into the fashion world to begin their careers. Showing that life goes on here regardless of the situation, it was a great night with some definite names to look out for in the future. The show opened with Golan Taub and his eye-catching collection that defined what having “fun with fashion” really is. It was a bright start to the show with an equally perfect color palette, a definite highlight of the night for me. Einav Dalva went down a different route with a collection that included kidswear and would fit right in at most shops – the neutral color palette is summer ready and kid friendly from the look of the excited child models. After womenswear and kidswear came the menswear, Donna Weinberg’s collection was menswear with a modern twist and splash of color. The pieces would work well as separates (as they did on the catwalk), but it would take a fashion-forward male to wear them. Dor Dov Tulchinsky was another highlight, personally, I loved the purples and yellows and how I see pieces that can fit into everyday life – well, on the occasions you want the outfit you planned to look effortless. Gil Maayan showed off a girly collection which was a quirky treat that brightened up the catwalk. By looking at the offerings of Shenkars latest class, it’s clear to see that...

2014 Wizo Grads Fashion Show: Our Favourites

Fresh from the end of their fashion program at The NB School of Design (AKA Wizo Haifa), the students of the Fashion Design department debuted their final collections to a full house in Tel Aviv – and it didn’t disappoint. The four-year program is based on thematic fashion studios—streetwear, swimwear, evening dresses, menswear, formal wear, the black dress, accessories, shoe design and other technical studies such as sewing, pattern making and draping. You can see from the outfits produced that these students know what they’re doing and are ready to be released into the fashion world. Highlights included the impeccably tailored jackets which were shown in a variety of colours and styles – both womenswear and menswear so everyone’s happy. There were outfits to suit every taste and lots of wearable items mixed in with the more out-there pieces. We particularly liked the mix of textiles and colours which looked great on the runway. Standout designers of the evening Sivan Cohen The mens jacket on the right looked amazing in reality, especially with the clear attention to detail. The colours worked together and it would definitely sell well. The crop-top and skirt outfit on the left was another highlight that would fit in on the rails at any designer shop right now. Irit Lustegreten Another collection that caught our eye was from Irit Lustegreten who mixed detail with print, colour and pattern for a modern and bright collection that stood out from the crowd. Emmy Nikolayevsky, Emmy Nikolayevsky brought the fun and quirkiness with a bright mix of outfits that each had a their own shape, colours and culture...

First Look at Jerusalem’s Designers in the City – מעצבים בעיר | Maayan Hazay

Maayan Hazay, as of November 2013, is just one of the talents to make up Designers in the City (מעצבים בעיר), an eclectic co-op funded by the local municipality to promote the success of young, up and coming Israeli designers by providing them with their own affordable studios to make their dreams come to life. If this isn’t one of Jerusalem’s most remarkable ideas, then I am not sure what else is? For me, Maayan is a sign that with hard work, determination, and a great eye, accomplishing your dreams is more than just a possibility but also a reality. So lets take a deeper look at who she is, how she got here, and what makes her an inspiration. When did you first begin to design your own clothes, how did you get into fashion, what was your inspiration? “I have always had an inner calling for fashion design and a fascination with taking what I know and who I am and turning into something beautiful” Maayan explains. “ As a child, my grandmother was constantly sewing and knitting us sweaters, so I was able to pick up some of the basic craft from her, but I really didn’t learn to sew until about 2 or 3 years ago.” In high school, Hazay started sketching looks and experimenting with her own personal style by “making the little details really count and pop,” a mantra which she still abides closely to today. She then went on to study design and pattern making at Miriam College in Tel Aviv. “Now, I do all the sewing and patternmaking myself, from start...

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